many of us are staying home because of the corona virus but what if home is also a dangerous place a Roanoke organization says it will keep providing resources for domestic violence victims 10 News reporter Todd Simmons tells us how they believe domestic violence could be on the rise during self quarantine domestic violence takes many forms it’s Stacey Sheppard’s job as director of total action for progress as domestic violence services to get victims out of those situations that’s the scariest part is the leaving and not knowing the next step but all of that can be planned and worked out now that many of us are inside into the threat of coronavirus Sheppard worries through hear of more threatening situations happening behind closed doors when people are cooped up together and times are even more stressful we know that intimate partner abuse and domestic violence situations will increase that’s why the corona virus would not stop tap services its domestic violence hotline is still open 24/7 and all the resources for victims such as clothes and food will remain available as far as actual crisis intervention and that reaching out and getting help you know we’re still we’re present for that Shepard says it’s all about keeping safety first what arts from kovin 91 you love the most important thing is to get out to not stay seek those resources and don’t be fearful in Roanoke Todd Simmons 10 News working for you you can call or text taps domestic violence hotline which is at the bottom of your screen Shepherd says most of the domestic violence services staff is now working remotely but the hotline will always be monitored

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