coronavirus cases continue to climb across Virginia and North Carolina in the Commonwealth there are now at least 290 cases nine people have died the latest deaths happened in central Virginia the victims were residents of a rehabilitation and Healthcare Center in Henrico County in North Carolina there are 398 cases no one has died governor Roy Cooper has requested a major disaster declaration for the state today Durham plans to issue a stay at home order for its people in an effort to stop the spread of coronavirus while people across the country are urged to stay home domestic violence organizations say they’re seeing an uptick in abuse 10 on your side’s Keanu Patterson joins us live outside the WAVY TV 10 studios in Portsmouth to explain kyanna that’s right advocates for domestic violence awareness tell me that the Cova 19 outbreak could make domestic violence victims even more vulnerable I spoke with the transition shelter out in Hampton and they tell me that they’re seeing more survivors call for help director Sinuhe jiang says this is an extremely stressful time as many people have lost their job and are worried about getting sick but since survivors are forced to stay home or in close contact with their abuser this can create an unsafe environment now the group of dedicated staff are working remotely but they want to stress that they are here to help if you need help day or night you can call this number on your screen know that they’re feeling trapped is we’re all fearful of what’s happening on the outside they’re fearful what’s happening on the inside we know that this is not a time that we can shut our doors and think that domestic violence is not going to exist during that time we know that it’s going to increase so we just encourage those that are experiencing violence at home whether it be verbal emotional or physical to just reach out and call us and the organization is committed to giving people a safe escape option but they need help with partnerships with hotels transportation services and they also need people to donate cell phones or Wi-Fi devices if you can help with this please contact the organism but coming up in just 30 minutes I’ll explain how some abusers are using the pandemic to control their victims in Portsmouth Kiana Patterson 10 on your side

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