well good afternoon it’s been a difficult start this fall it’s been tough on all of us and unfortunately we’re not out of this yet we’re in the middle of a global pandemic the worst we’ve seen in generations and protecting our communities requires difficult decisions to be made i’ve said i’d never hesitate to take action if it means protecting your health and well-being to protect the safety of our province but before doing so i’ve always said i have to see evidence and i’ve been firm on that last night our top doctors and health experts did exactly that they presented me with brand new data from this week in my direction earlier today dr williams and dr brown presented the latest data and outlined the justification for new restrictions in hot spot regions my friends you know exactly what i know you’ve received the same briefing that i received last night in the last week the pandemic has picked up speed at an alarming rate my friends the situation today is extremely serious on september the first we had just over 110 new cases five weeks later today we’re at 939 new cases as we post record testing numbers the percentage of people testing positive is rising too quickly with some communities showing as high as a 10 positivity the virus is starting to spread to older people as the number one as number of contacts for every confirmed case has exploded sometimes in the thousands all trends are going in the wrong direction left unchecked we risk worst case scenarios first seen in italy and new york city and increasing cases is just one part of the story we’re struggling to see early signs of further spread in long-term care this is something we must avoid at all costs and as long as this virus is spreading at the rate in the community our long-term care homes remain vulnerable hospitalizations and the number of people in intensive care have increased by 250 percent if current trends continue ontario icu intensive care units admissions are predicted to more than triple in less than 30 days our hospitals will be overwhelmed and we can’t let this happen friends we have to do everything possible to avoid widespread lockdowns and we cannot go back to stage one we need to keep our schools open and protect their long-term care homes that’s our top priority nothing matters more we need to play the long game by making difficult decisions now we can flatten the second wave we can get the economy back stronger and sooner so i convened my cabinet this morning to review the new recommendations from our health experts the health officials have made a number of recommendations and we’ve accepted all of them effective saturday 1201 am we’re implementing new public health measures for toronto ottawa and peel region restaurants and bars will be closed for indoor dining take out delivery and outdoor dining will continue indoor gyms and fitness centers will be closed outdoor services and fitness centers will be permitted cinemas theaters casinos racing establishments museums galleries and attractions will all be closed in these communities no personal care services will be allowed or face coverings must be removed further for the service food courts and indoor dining at malls must be closed except for takeout all retail stores can remain open schools will not i repeat not be closed places of worship will not be closed these measures are in fact in toronto peel and ottawa for 28 days after which they’ll be reviewed by the chief medical officer of health and the public health measures table i can’t stress justice enough on how difficult how painful it was to make this decision my heart just breaks for these folks and i understand what this decision means to each and every one of you and i can tell you i didn’t sleep last night believe me this weighs heavy on me for making this decision i know what this will do to businesses who are already struggling i want to talk directly to business owners and workers who will be affected by this i’ve been fighting for you since day one and i’ll continue to fight for you i’ll do everything in my power to support you and will never forget the sacrifices you’re making as working through the night with the deputy prime minister they understand how serious the situation is in the package of supports that they announced earlier today will make a big difference they’re extending the rent subsidy the wage subsidy and business loans and for our part we’re ready to do whatever it takes we won’t spare any expense to keep you going right now we won’t spare any expense to support you through this that’s why i’ve directed my finance minister to make three hundred million dollars available to support affected businesses this funding will assist small businesses with their next fixed fixed cost during the next 28 days this will include waiving provincial and municipal property tax bills as well as hydro and natural gas bills this money will be made available as soon as possible and we will release more details in the coming days these temporary measures will help but everyone of us right now we need to rally around these small businesses please support them as much as possible please order take out we can all play a part in supporting our restaurants through this difficult time my friends this is a serious situation i’m asking everyone to make responsible decisions to keep you and your families safe this holiday we must do everything we can to stop this surge and keep everyone safe and healthy i assure you we can get through this by supporting one another by looking out for each other and by following the public health rules that keep us and our loved ones safe i want to thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart and god bless the people of ontario thank you premier and good afternoon i want to start by reiterating that protecting the health and well-being of all ontarians has always been our government’s top priority as the premier outlined we are seeing a concerning trend in the number of cases and the number of outbreaks we are seeing the number of contacts for confirmed cases as high as 100 people the curve is not just growing it’s growing exponentially numbers have increased significantly and we need to take action now and do everything we can to avoid a very severe second wave our hospitalization and icu rates are also increasing significantly putting our health system capacity at risk and we are extremely concerned at the risk of community outbreaks spreading to our long-term care homes and other vulnerable congregate settings we need to stop this dangerous trend in its tracks on the advice of the chief medical officer of health and public health experts we are tightening public health measures in ottawa peel and toronto to a modified stage 2 for a period of at least 28 days we are prohibiting indoor service in restaurants bars and other places people go to for food and drink including nightclubs indoor gyms and fitness centers will be closed as will conference and convention centers with an exception for the courts while these measures are being applied in ottawa appeal in toronto we are also advising everyone to limit trips outside their homes except for essential purposes such as work school groceries medical appointments and socially distant outdoor physical activity this was certainly not an easy decision we know that we are asking for very real sacrifices from ontarians but this is about potentially preventing something much worse we need to act now to keep our schools open to protect our seniors and our loved ones in long-term care and to avoid the need for stricter measures in the future and i do want to remind everyone that the best way to protect one another is the same advice we’ve been following since this outbreak began in march maintain physical distancing wash your hands thoroughly and regularly wear a face covering when physical distancing is a challenge or it is required and please stay home when you aren’t feeling well even with mild symptoms and please download the covet alert app to your phones if you have not done so already we know this is no small sacrifice particularly as we are entering the thanksgiving long weekend please only celebrate with those in your household and gather with friends and family virtually we all need to heed the advice of our public health experts if we are to stop the spread of covert 19 and prevent future lockdowns thank you okay we’ll go to the phone line for questions first question please first question comes from haley cooper of news talk 1010 please go ahead hi haley thank you hi premier you mentioned that we run the risk of turning into an italy scenario or new york scenario if people don’t take each and every restriction seriously so we wanted to know how long um until that becomes reality if people don’t take these restrictions seriously would it be five days would it be three weeks would it be two months i’ll pass that over to the one of the doctors dr brown dr williams thanks as we mentioned earlier on in the technical briefing the first threshold that starts to limit access to care happens within 30 days under any scenario and under the worst case scenario happens much quicker than that after that it really depends on how quickly the pandemic accelerates but it’s a matter of weeks and days not a matter of months follow up thank you and my follow-up has there been any talk about locking down the most at risk so seniors and those with serious health issues and limiting their exposure to the public is a way of keeping them protected and perhaps not having to shut down large communities and sections of the province i’ll turn that over to dr williams actually so as in the first wave we didn’t lock down our seniors over the age of 70.

We asked them to stay home we asked people to support them in their home settings we knew that sometimes they had to go for medical reasons and sometimes to go and get medications to keep their external visits down in frequency and in in scope and range we’re asked them again to bring those aspects back again we ask them to be careful as we have especially in the zones the hot zones we’ve talked about and some others that are getting uh more activity at this time so they need to limit their out uh door activities uh limit their contacts if you’re going to combine with a household that you have been ensure that you are aware of what their exposure has been limited and that you’re very careful with your contacts so we’re not locking down we haven’t done before but we have given strong recommendations to limit and limit your exposures and to be careful except for very essential and critical components and we know you did well in the first wave we need you to do it well again this time next question the next question comes from cynthia mulligan at city news please go ahead hi cynthia hi premier with all due respect it seems like you were the last one to see this coming there have been countless pleas for you to crack down further from the ontario hospital association doctors epidemiologists the city of toronto’s medical officer of health why has it taken so long to come to this realization well i take the advice and i always will off our health table our scientists our epidemiologists and i got advised last night and i went through the briefing at seven o’clock last night i made a decisive decision to act immediately to move forward with the recommendations i acted immediately with our finance minister to put together a package of three hundred million dollars i called the deputy prime minister had a great conversation with the deputy prime minister and i i want to thank the deputy prime minister and the prime minister for acting immediately which i thought would take a few days they came out today with packaging packages for these people affected no matter if it’s the wage subsidy the rent subsidy or us taking care of the hydro the gas uh any overhead costs that these folks are struggling with cynthia believe me i i understand um talk about staying up all night and thinking about this i i these these are friends like we all have friends you have friends we all have friends these are friends that we all know uh people in our communities that run these small businesses i stood up i stood up here for days fighting saying no we got to keep them going and after the numbers i saw yesterday i remember just it was a few days ago there was 500 cases i thought okay can we can we make it through and all of a sudden the spike jumped up to over 900 937 cases almost doubled in a few days if i didn’t make this decision now i’d be negligent we’re putting extra error ordinary message measures and and support for these these companies and i’ll continue to support them but i’m just asking the people please just just go by the guidelines please order take out supporter of these these small businesses we can support them it was it was i’ll tell you cynthia it was it was the single toughest decision i’ve made since i’ve taken office bar none and i i take this serious when we’re messing with people’s lives but we can all help out we can all pitch in we can have takeout delivery we can help help them they’re going to continue being able to sell wine beer and spirits as well ambassador finance minister to pull out all stops to support these people and we will get through this as sure as i’m standing here we will get through this together the whole world is going through this and and the jurisdictions that have had to try to skip over this uh has come back and and bitten them in the in the backside there but we will get through this we will come out stronger than ever before follow up premiere um as you mentioned just a few days ago we were at 500 cases a day i think it was on tuesday you said that we’re starting to see a flattening of the curve and now you know this massive increase did your own data let you down was it the backlog that contributed to to this data coming so suddenly have we actually been in this situation for far longer but the the backlog and the uh testing failures have just made it come to light now you’re right cynthia i remember that distinctly and these are all the things you sit there and think about for a few days we saw 500 we saw a little jumping 600 went back down to 500 and again when when they showed me what you saw today and everyone else saw i had to act immediately immediately i was on this immediately said we have to move forward with this because we we see what’s happening or could potentially happen when we see the acute care beds and hospitals jump up 250 percent as the data showed today and as i showed me last night icu beds could be maxed out in a short period of time we we had to respond and i’ll pass this over to dr brown thank you the uh data that you know we showed last week did show a trend upwards the data that we’re showing this week is showing an acceleration of that trend uh it’s this is the nature of an epidemic that is going to continue to accelerate until public health interventions are put in and then you’ll see the decline in contacts and you’ll see the abatement of this surge of the epidemic without at any point the public health interventions will reduce the trend upwards and at this point we brought back new data that showed a substantial increase around testing data showed a continued spillover into older age groups and the ability to kind of look at some more detailed data as well next question next question comes from travis danrash at global news please go ahead hi travis hi there premier how are you doing um listen i know that you were trying to avoid this and i detected that you were getting a bit emotional there when you were talking directly to business owners you said that you were up all night thinking about this i’m wondering if you could tell us what you were thinking about and ultimately what was the red line for you when it came to that data that you looked at well appreciate the question travis you know just like yourself and everyone in this room everyone i’m talking to at home has their favorite restaurant in in our case i i get around quite quite often around the province and talking and everyone seems to have my number and they’re calling all night saying you know please help us so that that hits you in the heart believe me trying to help these people that work day in and day out work 18 hours and they’re holding on and then i get this news and i’m the guy that has to make the decision talk about wayne on you yeah oh man you have no idea and it’s tough but i want to tell them we’re there to support them we will get through it i promise you we will get through this together i will be there beside you every step of the way our government will be there the federal government will be there and most importantly i truly believe as we’ve done from the beginning the people of ontario will be there to support you i’ve had calls this morning from other premiers asking for help asking for support you know they’ll give us the support everyone stepped up but yeah it’s tough i started off in a family business so i i get it and these these restaurants are small mom-and-pop shops in a lot of cases and they need our support and i’m here to tell you i’ll do whatever it takes to make sure i’m there 24 7.

And and that’s why we put out 300 million dollars immediately and that’s why speaking to uh christia last night i said what whatever it takes we need to support him and and she agreed 100 i know my finance minister made the call as as well so it’s it’s tough i’m going to pass it over the finance minister on some of the areas that we’re going to support uh these these small businesses for thank you premier and thank you travis so the premier uh a number of weeks ago asked that we work on a plan uh obviously there was the potential for this to happen we’ve been in discussions with the federal government as recently as last night and as the premier mentioned speaking with the deputy prime minister um i know that i know that the deputy prime minister is quite moved by the premiers saying you know we need to get this done now and again i commend her and the prime minister for not just talking but acting in terms of our specific supports uh we have been working in terms of property tax i spoke to mayor watson merritori mayor brown today about the the mechanism to make sure that both the provincial and municipal portion of the property tax can be rebated uh and they are they are onsite for working with us on that my colleague minister rickford the minister of energy has also been working uh on plans on how energy uh costs whether they be natural gas or hydro uh can be you know either rebated or covered so so that 300 million dollars i have to say is also not just for any community uh it happens to be today for the communities that are affected by these advanced public health measures but uh we have to understand that we are in the middle of a pandemic we could see the expansion of these public health measures at some point we are hopeful that it won’t happen but it could be now and and it could be sometime between now and when the vaccine happens so this provincial government will be there we’ll work with whether it’s our municipal partners or our federal partners to make sure that the businesses get the support that the premier asked for follow-up okay thanks guys now uh my next question for premier ford so premier considering where we are right now what do you think went wrong here the vast majority of the country is moving forward they have not had to reimplement lockdown measures ontario has now dr williams has put the blame on the public uh you have said however that the vast majority of people in this province are doing a good job is this completely the public’s fault or does your government take any responsibility and do you think that you have been getting the best advice possible from the health table because at times it has contradicted what local health officials have said and advised well i appreciate the question i i always look at the province that’s probably the closest size closest jurisdiction to us and it’s quebec uh their numbers are even higher than ours they’ve had to do a lockdown in quebec city and and and montreal but again uh travis this isn’t an easy decision i have to go on the best advice that is is given to me i have full confidence in dr williams dr brown dr yaffi dr heyer there’s a whole team and i’ve always said this is not per se dr williams by himself i know he consults with many many other professionals be it epidemiologists and scientists and and uh everyone in in the health community and once they give me that information that’s then i have to make a decision i have to do it immediately and i’ll pass pass this over to dr williams to follow up thank you yes and i think it the question is when you say the blame i think the responsibility is us as collectively as ontarians uh we’ve shown and we talked about that in our technical briefing that and dr brown’s alluded to the fact that you can’t contact your tr way out of it contact trace your way of it or test your way out of it if everybody does is we’re supposed to do and we did that during the first wave people kept the distancing they avoided contacts won’t even know essential things we showed we can do it and i think we can do it again i think people got casual the end of august into september our social circles uh dissipated and people had many contacts in many different ways we saw that with the evidence right now with our contact tracing starting to get overwhelmed where we had only in the first wave sometimes three or four people up to 10 maybe 12 people to follow with a case now they say it’s quite common to have 20 30 or 40 even up to 100 with one case in the previous five to seven days that’s just not acceptable is it blaming public writ large i think it’s the premier set a lot of our ontario citizens have stayed the course most of our areas in ontario have less than five cases per hundred thousand and they’re doing that so they’re they’re continuing to do well in that we’ve had some difficulty in some of our urban dense areas our three primary ones right at the moment and some of the surrounding ones and i think there’s a lot of people in those areas are doing what they need to do they but they do need to make sure it’s a coordinated a consistent approach by everyone and as the premier said we can bring this down and that’s where we’re bringing these steps and now that we can reverse this even hopefully within the 28 days and that these closures can be considered to be reopened again we can collectively do this i believe that and i think that everybody has to do their part it’s not just someone else’s job it’s our job collectively we did it we can do it again next question next question comes from sean jeffords of the canadian press please go ahead hi sean sean oh we’ll go to colin please go ahead colin hi colin oh hi good afternoon premier um during the first wave many of the measures were only possible under a state of emergency um you ended that state of emergency over the summer and transferred the powers to your own government i’m wondering do you actually have the authority under the current legislation bill 195 to do some of the measures that you’re doing right now and are we back in a state of emergency uh we do we do have the powers we checked with legal and uh they said we do have the powers but we we have to uh move forward as as quickly as possible on this column and i i wish i wish we had more time to sit back and debate and go back and forth and uh but but we don’t if we don’t act now it’s going to get worse and if we don’t act now we’re going to be in much worse shape in a week down the road or two weeks down the road by uh closing closing things down and if you don’t mind i can i can pass this to the minister of health and uh and appreciate that thank you well we do need to take the steps that we’re taking now and it is we do have the legal authority to do that but as has been emphasized by doctors brown and dr williams that if we don’t take this action now the situation could overtake us and then we would have to oppose a complete lockdown uh over a much longer period of time so do we want to do what we’re we’re having to do now no of course we don’t but it uh it’s it’s counter-intuitive i know to say it but it’s going to be better for our economy if we take these steps now rather than wait until the situation spirals out of control then we’ll have to take some very stringent measures over a further period of time follow-up thank you and premiere story just to re-ask the second question there um do you believe that ontario is currently back in a state of emergency i wouldn’t say they’re in a state of emergency at all there’s one three areas be it ottawa peel and in toronto that are facing some real challenges right now but this is this is not a full walk back to stage two it’s a partial walk back per se we still have the retail walls open so business is open it’s just certain areas that uh we need to close but in saying that we need to support them as well next question the next question comes from rob ferguson from the toronto star please go ahead hi rob hi primer um with all i’ll do respect because i know how much pressure you and dr williams and everyone uh is in and things are coming at you fast but is this action today a sign that your your plan of targeted measures uh has failed people have been calling on you for at least a couple of weeks to to restrict certain things and you were adamant that it didn’t need to be done and then all of a sudden you’re caught off guard by these trends that other people seem to see coming well i i wouldn’t say say that uh rob you know i’m always believe that the glass is half full i also have the pressure of the economy on me too and uh i’ve had so many people uh you know calling and you know it is very hard to talk to people when they’re struggling and they’re they’re just is barely getting by and i have to do the balance between health and safety which is the number one priority versus the economy and keeping people moving and i i think uh dr williams and i’ve said it all along and i’ll continue to say it and his team has been very pragmatic uh could have they come to us and said everything gets shut down and peeled ottawa and in toronto i’m sure they could have but they they took very thoughtful methodical steps to do that that balance and after a lot of study talking to the scientists epidemiologists and other doctors they’ve decided to take this route and i i support it and we’re going to work with all the business owners to support them and and get them through this okay thanks for that answer creamer um um in hindsight now uh and you do seem a little bit rattled or shaken today um do you think you waited too long on this and do you think you need to bring some fresh uh voices into your circle of advisors well with the uh did you say french voices did he what did he say fresh premier fresh well we we’re always going out there and getting advice i know our medical team is constantly uh reaching out to uh people right around the country and right around the world uh always getting advice and and looking at models uh throughout the world be it uh netherlands versus germany versus australia we saw what happened in australia they jumped ahead they basically had to do a complete shutdown and go go backwards again and we don’t uh you know we we don’t want to go that way yeah is is is it tough uh rob 100 it’s tough on me right now because i’m dealing with a lot of lives right now uh but i have confidence in the people of ontario uh and and a few days back when it was 500 and we saw that for a few days uh i felt you know can we make it through it and and obviously uh the the numbers spiked up uh to close to to a thousand and i always always will and i always have to listen to the medical advice i’m not a doctor you know if you want to talk to the economy and numbers the guy behind me rod is an expert and i’m pretty good at when it comes to numbers and businesses that that’s my forte but i have to rely on the health and science and i always will i may agree i may disagree but when when the experts come to me and say this is a scenario and if we don’t do this this will happen i’m listening to them and there’s so many experts out there so many people and doctors that might have a different opinion or whatever but i have to rely on my team my team that has brought me through this right from day one i’ve relied on dr williams and his whole team and i’m going to continue relying on dr williams i don’t believe in changing the dance partner in the middle of the the dance here he’s been phenomenal and i’ll i’ll tell you i’ll stand shoulder shoulder with dr williams all day long any day because he got us through that people that sometimes have a short memory he got us through the worst of it before and got us back down to a hundred cases and then i i agree with dr williams all of us maybe even the government maybe we we got a little too lackadaisical everyone when we saw 80 cases with a population of 14.5 million people and everyone thinks it’s fine it just came back to bite us as we we all uh went out there and now now we have to tighten it up until we don’t have to go to the extreme again that would be that would be again it would be an economic disaster if we had to go back to stage one last question the last question comes from ryan schmielty from national post please go ahead hi ryan yeah hi premier um i’m wondering the the federal government announced their business supports today if they had been able to announce them earlier might that have might you have imposed these uh restrictions earlier well i got the advice last night again at seven o’clock i acted immediately and we acted immediately uh talking to the federal government along with uh talking to the finance minister asking to put a package of 300 million dollars together but i i don’t i don’t believe the numbers were there a couple of weeks ago we didn’t we didn’t see these numbers we saw them creep up creep up and all of a sudden over a day or two bang they they literally uh they doubled so that’s when the decision has to be made but it’s not too late folks we we can still get our hands around this we can still move forward we can slow the curve we can go the other direction if we just follow the guidance we did it before we can do it again and we will do it again together follow up yes sir i’m wondering if the federal government’s measures though the rent assistance and some of the other programs did they make it easier to impose these restrictions uh no i had to go with the health advice now i’ve been talking the deputy prime minister frequently and uh you know the exact figures weren’t given to me last night what what the deputy prime minister said we will be there we’ll support you and i spoke to the prime minister we’ll be there we’ll support you if you have to make tough decisions that’s what a true partnership is and they’ve been true partners from from day one anything we’ve ever needed any requests we’ve ever had from the federal government they’ve gone above and beyond to support not just us but the entire country and the speed the deputy prime minister uh moved on is staggering it’s not always easy to get uh packages through through government even if you’re a deputy prime minister or premier there’s processes that we have to follow and i just again want to thank her for meeting moving so quickly thank you everyone thank you everyone please have a very safe thanksgiving and god bless you and your families thank you


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