safety in the workplace is a top priority across Virginia now the first state to implement coronavirus workplace safety standards thanks for staying with us I’m David Allan and I’m Nicole Livas the newly adopted rules are temporary but 13 News now reporter Nikko Clements looked into if that could change here at Salon Elite in Newport News they’re doing everything possible to protect workers from Kobe 19 as well as people coming through the doors we all need to work together to keep everybody safe manager Beverly Clark says they have many safety standards in place masks are required for everyone stations are six feet apart there’s plexiglass and plastic any place they can’t keep a 6-foot distance we were shut down for almost eight weeks and you know that was hard on us and so yeah we’re a little nervous that we might get shut down again Virginia is cracking down on workplace safety governor Ralph Northam directing health officials to heavily enforce business restrictions after a spike in Hampton Roads cases the rules are temporary but it requires your boss to stay on top of PPE sanitation and social distancing standards employers are also required to tell you if someone you work with test positive no man no sir we do have some customers that will challenge you Cynthia Terry in Delano Martin on Martin soul food cafe in Newport News they’ve stepped up safety practices as well all visible we don’t want to take it home to our families these temporary emergency standards will remain in effect for six months but state leaders can make them permanent through the process defined in state law I also reached out to the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry about enforcement and I’m waiting to hear back Clark realizes this is the new normal we’re not gonna stop doing what we’re doing we’re gonna keep doing it but for how long is the question on everyone’s mind in Newport News Niko Clemmons 13 News now

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