and wide issue is taking on life in Hampton Roads the debate over Dhaka is stirring a lot of emotion and anxiety the Supreme Court is reviewing the Trump administration’s push to end the program tonight several dozen people held a rally to show their support for recipients senator sighs Gina Rebelo was there and Gina what did they tell you well I’m gonna need uh several people I talked to say although a ruling on the issue isn’t expected for awhile they want to make sure their voices are heard in the meantime dozens of people stood outside the Norfolk federal courthouse to rally behind a group of immigrants whose fate now rests with the Supreme Court they wake up every day they don’t know I mean they have no idea where they what’s going to happen and that’s got to be horrible every day to wake up and not know members of the nonpartisan group organizing Virginia held signs and chanted support for daca recipients what do we want the program allows children who were brought to the US under the age of 16 to stay and apply for legal status if they arrived by 2007 the people United will never be divided the dreamers as they’re called could reapply every two years under the program with the program future up in the air supporters say they want immigrants to know they have an ally we have their back we divorce to speak for them that they can’t speak for themselves people we spoke to say many dreamers are contributing members of the community they have worked really hard for to become a doctor student you don’t just get it you have to you have to earn it they are people and they are here to stay be working hard they know but they’re passionately pleading for the Supreme Court to keep politics out of this ruling they have the same right to live their lives as long as they contribute to the nation and they and their good people they they deserve to hear as much as I do we’re a country of immigrants and we that makes our country great a decision on the matter could be made in the spring which will very likely be a key issue for voters during an election year live in the newsroom Gina Arevalo 10 on your side

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