we’re back now with the veterans who are fighting the fight of their lives they say the government is not giving them the benefits they deserve now they are suing the Department of Veterans Affairs for millions 10 on your side’s Jason marks spoke with those veterans and Jason they say no vet should be treated this way well they tell me it’s like a punch in the gut they served this country and they say they all suffer from various illnesses they would expect the government to take care of them but they say it’s simply not happening we March we must we’ve gotta rent benefits now these Hampton Roads residents benefits now are united as one when we’re disgusting how’re they doing it remark though they all come from different walks of life they all step together with something in common my name is Daniel del Ocho F was United States Air Force veteran I went in the military when I was 17 years old I served just under six months in the United States Army small in numbers they’re here to make their voices known they want us to give up and we’re not gonna give up this protest in front of Norfolk federal court we’ve been knocked down over and over and over again is the same spot where they filed a lawsuit against the country they once served I mean it’s not an accident all these veterans are out here the veterans and their families are suing the Department of Veteran Affairs for five hundred million dollars they say medical claims are continually denied and in many cases there is an unreasonable delay in processing claims this painful denen de l’eau spent four years in the Air Force he suffers from sleep apnea and PTSD they’re not covering is too slow did not did not you know all is not immediate it’s it’s it’s slow it’s lagging and people are dying I was set your sword by my command office Tony Harold spent time in the Navy his experience and it with a lifetime of hurt they keep denying me they claim that they lost my medical record my whole life I’ve been walking around for many years broken Roy Perry Bay wasn’t in the army very long but has spent a lifetime dealing with the effects I have been in eyes of the Veterans Administration for 40 years they give me health care they just have never treated my post-traumatic stress and won’t give me my compensation for my service-connected injury I’m angry I’m very angry about this Ronald Green didn’t serve in the military he’s here for his brother Wendell Willis he loved the military the Air Force anyway that’s why I joined the Air Force he screams as a spider bite that went untreated caused the pain for Willis’s family he incurred hospitalization medical treatment that was inadequate and insufficient in fact downright deficient because over the years after all that treatment like I will consider experimentation or for guinea pig he’s deep senators I contacted both the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs mom we never heard back from the DoD and as for the Department of Veterans Affairs it says it doesn’t comment on pending litigation I don’t understand why we are treated with such low or pride they say that to slap in the face even though they’ve been out of the military for years hey in Spain these beds are once again preparing for battle human beings a family’s a human being we deserve better we simply deserve better the vets are asking for a jury trial so far no trial date has been set the vets tell me they continue to add more veterans to the lawsuit every week now if you want to read the lawsuit for yourself we put it on wavy.com Jason marks 10 on your side

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