lawmakers are back to work in richmond there are a couple of big issues on the table this session as we expected one is the budget the state is currently in the middle of a two-year budget we’re told democrats are pushing for more time to balance it because of revenue shortfalls from the pandemic but republicans are pushing back we’re also watching a couple of other bills that includes one from hampton roads delegate stephen heretic it’s on marijuana the bill would create regulations licensing and taxes related to the growth and sale of marijuana it also establishes new criminal penalties virginia governor ralph northam making his state of the commonwealth address tonight a normally packed house chamber pretty much empty because of covet 19 guidelines as expected the governor talked a lot about the pandemic specifically the vaccine rollout he’s vowing to speed up the process setting a goal to have 25 000 people vaccinated every day moving forward i’m counting on the people who work in our public health departments to push hard to get this done and i will tell you you’re not alone we are all with you we have partners in hospitals businesses colleges and universities everyone in virginia is ready and willing to help getting everyone vaccinated is the largest deployment of volunteers that we have ever seen and we need you to help some other goals the governor talked about permanent raises for teachers and passing legislation to legalize marijuana a move he says is going to boost tax revenue while addressing criminal disparities involving people of color

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