more changes could be coming for families regarding the first day of school next year several districts are considering starting before labor day in response to covet 19. two new news brett hall explains how you can have your voice heard before final decisions are made for decades those making a living off tourism in hampton roads have been able to rely on high school workers and foot traffic from local families through labor day weekend by law school couldn’t start until the tuesday after but with that law repealed last year we’ve been doing for a long time it appears several large school districts are ready to try something new and start classes the monday before tonight the superintendent of york county schools victor shandor told his school board he believes the time is right my interest in this is completely focused on what’s best for our kids obviously he says with so many other school districts in other parts of the state already going back before labor day students were already at a slight disadvantage when it comes to preparing for date sensitive testing and then when you factor in lost learning time due to covet 19 also will give our teachers an opportunity to conduct all those assessments especially coming off of this year with the hybrid flexible framework and virtual those types of things to really get in there and provide that the teachers some time to sift through that data to prepare instruction that next week now this isn’t a done deal york county school board along with those in newport news hampton and williamsburg james city county that are also toying with the idea are waiting to hear from families on if they like the change labor day weekend would still be a four-day weekend with schools closed on that friday however school districts are anxious to make final decisions soon so people know what to expect several school districts have surveys up to get your input we’ll put the links to those up on brett hall 10 on your side

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