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Inmate charged with murder at Hampton Roads Regional Jail after death investigation now to developing news out of portsmouth police confirmed today an inmate who died at the hampton roads regional jail last month was murdered at the hand of another prisoner police say 55-year-old thomas flood died in february...

Some Hampton Roads’ schools may start before Labor Day to address COVID-19 ‘learning loss’ more changes could be coming for families regarding the first day of school next year several districts are considering starting before labor day in response to covet 19. two new news brett hall explains how you can have your...

New law prohibiting using phone while driving to be enforce in 2021

shouldn't be using your phone while driving but unfortunately people do starting in 2021 there will be a new law to enforce that rule it will be illegal to hold a phone while driving in virginia tennessee's mighty elena dolores is here to explain linna yeah it means...

Diverse Voices: Albert Camacho | Criminal Law

- I'm Albert Camacho. I'm a Deputy Public Defender with the LA County Office of the Public Defender. So I'm a Criminal Defense Lawyer. Been one for over 26 years. I actually started in the office the day after I got sworn in as a lawyer. So this was the only legal job...

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No two cases are the same. At Pincus Goodman, we offer extensive planning advice beginning with your initial consultation. We know that legal matters can be overwhelming. That is why when you meet with us, we ensure that you are provided with a roadmap for success



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“A friend whom has no luck found a good attorney here. I went for a traffic violation. Charles was upfront and told me exactly what could, would and should happen and it did. Needed the appeal just as he said and the ticket was reduced to a non moving violation as he and I hoped. Never had a better traffic attorney. In Virginia Beach, YOU NEED ONE! This guy is it!”

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“”I can’t ever describe the immense debt and gratitude I have for this law firm.  They kept me out of jail, sane, and employed during one of the most trying situations of my life.  They have my highest recommendation and have even represented two friends of mine who have similar positive experiences with the law firm.

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“I was so nervous to even talk to an attorney at all, but she made me feel like I was talking to a friend with my best interests at heart. And she didn’t like that I had been treated unfairly and this was how we were going to resolve the situation. She is great- with any luck this can be resolved outside of a courtroom. I recommend talking to her and seeing what she and this firm can do for you if you are in a jam. You never know unless you make that first call, and I am so very glad I did!”

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“The rules and regulations within the court system are very confusing, I had a complicated divorce/custody case and was frustrated after a long time.  I hired Pincus Goodman and they sat with me and assessed my needs, we formulated a plan and they executed the plan flawlessly to get my case back on the path to successful resolution.  Thanks so much for your assistance!

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