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Virginia Beach Reckless Driving Defense Attorney

If you have been charged with reckless driving in Virginia Beach, you have good cause to be concerned. Reckless driving may not sound all that serious, but under Virginia’s strict traffic laws, a conviction for reckless driving can lead to severe penalties, including costly fines, possible jail time, and license suspension. A reckless driving conviction also goes on your permanent criminal record, which may make it more difficult for you to find a place to live, take out a loan, acquire financial aid for higher education, and get a job.

If you have been arrested for reckless driving in Virginia Beach, you need an aggressive defense attorney to help you fight the charges. The Virginia Beach criminal defense lawyers at Pincus Goodman, P.C., have successfully defended many clients against reckless driving charges in the past. If you have been ticketed for reckless driving, we might be able to get your charges reduced or even have your case dismissed outright. Contact us today at (757) 301-9634 for a free consultation to learn more about your rights and discover how our lawyers can present an effective defense on your behalf.

What Is Considered Reckless Driving in Virginia?

Under Virginia law, reckless driving is defined as operating a vehicle in a manner that is reckless or at a speed that could potentially endanger the “life, limb, or property of any person . . .” Some possible behaviors that could constitute reckless driving include: 

  • Driving with bad brakes
  • Passing other vehicles on a curve, grade, or in any other area where passing is prohibited
  • Driving with an obstructed view
  • Passing a stopped school bus
  • Neglecting to yield the right-of-way to other cars
  • Driving too fast for conditions (for instance, speeding in inclement weather)
  • Failing to use turn signals
  • Exceeding the posted speed limit
  • Racing
  • Passing another vehicle at a railroad crossing

Reckless driving is a broad term that encompasses many different types of driver misconduct. Because of the wide latitude that law enforcement has in determining whether an action constitutes reckless driving, you will need an accomplished attorney on your side to challenge their claims and fight the charges brought against you.

Penalties for a Reckless Driving Conviction in Virginia

Virginia has some of the toughest traffic laws in the United States. In Virginia, reckless driving is a Class 1 misdemeanor (DUIs are also classified as Class 1 misdemeanors). If you are convicted of a reckless driving charge, you could face up to 12 months in jail and a maximum fine of $2,500.

A general conviction for reckless driving will remain on your Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) record for 11 years. Reckless driving is categorized as a six-point violation, meaning that six points will be added to your driving record. Your license could also be suspended for up to six months.

Potential Defenses Against a Reckless Driving Charge

While your counter-argument will largely depend upon the facts of your case, some reckless driving defenses we have successfully employed on behalf of our clients in the past include:

  • You were not the person driving when you were pulled over (if the prosecution can’t prove you were driving, this can be an effective defense)
  • You were not willfully or intentionally driving recklessly, or you were in an emergency situation
  • You were driving carelessly but not recklessly
  • You were distracted behind the wheel but were following all other applicable traffic laws and safety regulations (such as wearing a seat belt)

These are a small sample of potential arguments that we can use as the basis for a robust defense. At Pincus Goodman, P.C., we will thoroughly investigate your case, determine whether your rights were violated through police wrongdoing or prosecutorial misconduct, and aggressively fight to have your charges reduced or dismissed.

Contact a Virginia Beach Reckless Driving Attorney

Were you arrested and charged with reckless driving in Virginia? If so, contact a Virginia Beach reckless driving lawyer from Pincus Goodman, P.C., right away to discuss your legal options. We have the resources to present the sharpest possible defense and seek a favorable outcome at trial. Call us at (757) 301-9364 to schedule a consultation. 

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