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Virginia Beach Grand Larceny Defense Attorney

In Virginia, a person may be charged with grand larceny if they steal any property that is valued at $1,000 or more (for example, taking a vehicle that is worth several thousand dollars would be considered grand larceny). A person can also be charged with grand larceny in Virginia if they physically steal goods worth $5 or more from a person (for instance, if a person physically takes someone’s smartphone off their person, the crime could be charged as grand larceny). Anyone who steals a firearm can also be charged with grand larceny regardless of the monetary value of the firearm.

If you have been arrested and charged with grand larceny in Virginia Beach, you must secure legal representation right away. Grand larceny is a very serious crime in Virginia, and the penalties can be severe. Fines and jail time will both be on the table if you are convicted of grand larceny charges. To successfully fight the charges against you and potentially avoid a harsh punishment, you should contact an experienced Virginia Beach criminal defense attorney to discuss your case and your legal options.

At Pincus Goodman, P.C., we have extensive experience helping clients who have been charged with grand larceny. In some cases, we have been able to help our clients seek a reduction of their charges or even an outright dismissal of their case. Call us today at (757) 301-9634 to schedule a consultation.

Penalties for Grand Larceny in Virginia Beach

The penalties for grand larceny in Virginia are outlined in Virginia Code (§ 18.2-95), and they are severe. Under Virginia law, anyone who is convicted of grand larceny can be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of between one and 20 years. Conversely, at a judge’s or jury’s discretion, they could be sentenced to spend up to 12 months in prison, fined up to $2,500, or both.

In addition to penalties imposed by the courts, individuals convicted of grand larceny can suffer consequences that last long after they have served out their sentence. A criminal conviction goes on your permanent record, which means it will be visible to future employers, academic institutions, leasing companies, and other entities. As a result, you might encounter difficulties when leasing a home, applying for a new job, or seeking a loan, including financial aid for college.

Given the lingering impact of a grand larceny conviction in Virginia, we highly recommend speaking with a knowledgeable grand larceny defense attorney immediately to begin putting a robust defense together.

Defenses We Have Used in Grand Larceny Cases

While your defense will depend on the facts of your case, some common defenses our team has effectively used in past grand larceny cases include: 

  • Consent – The owner of the property consented to their property being taken.
  • Duress – Someone else forced you to take the property by threatening you.
  • Entrapment – You were enticed by another party to take the property, and you had no plans to take the property prior to being enticed.
  • Belief of Right to Property – You had a good-faith belief that the property was yours.

If you have been accused of grand larceny in Virginia Beach, a skilled criminal defense attorney can help you mount a strong challenge to the prosecution’s case and potentially negotiate to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Contact a Virginia Beach Grand Larceny Defense Attorney Today

If you have been charged with grand larceny in Virginia Beach, contact the Virginia Beach grand larceny attorneys at Pincus Goodman, P.C., for a case evaluation as soon as possible. We can offer you pertinent legal advice, help you navigate the legal system, and ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process. Contact us today to discuss your case by calling (757) 301-9634. 

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