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Hampton Roads has an immense Military presence and with that comes an immense divorce attorney presence. This leaves an active duty military person like myself overwhelmed with options, not knowing who would best represent me during one of the most trying times in my life. After a recommendation from a very knowledgeable source on base, I contacted Mr. Pincus’ law firm. I was scheduled immediately for a consultation with Ms. Goodman.
If first impressions are indeed the biggest indicators of what to expect, then the front office personnel and the paralegals of this law firm do an outstanding job of displaying a professional, caring, and understanding attitude. This directly reflects the overall experience of working with Ms. Goodman and Mr. Pincus.
The consultation with Ms. Goodman was extremely impressive. I was able to leave the meeting very comfortable and confident that Ms. Goodman would be able to represent me fairly. Throughout our first conversation it was very apparent that she was not, in any way, going to let me go down any path that would not help the divorce case. Ms. Goodman was available to answer any questions that I had, no matter what time of day or how ignorant they may have been. Additionally, her research skills were immense. She was able to discover very important things for my divorce case. She also has a tenacity that is unparalleled. She would not settle for anything less than perfect from the opposing council, and if they even hinted at wavering on required information, she was on top of it in a heartbeat. If you want a lawyer who will tell you only what you want to hear then Ms. Goodman is not the one for you. If you want a lawyer who will give it to you straight, take you in the right direction and will not hesitate to tell you if you are being petty, childish, or just plain wrong, then Ms. Goodman is the best there is.
While the divorce case was getting ramped up, I was undeservedly arrested on 12 counts of Domestic Violence fictitiously filed by my ex-Wife. As a squeaky clean Sailor, I have never imagined that I would be in jail for any amount of time. I was at my wit’s end on how to proceed. In an amazing stroke of luck, I was able to contact the law firm and discovered that they were also Criminal Defense attorneys as well. Mr. Pincus represented me during this extremely trying time and I felt like I was watching a surgeon at work in the operating room. Mr. Pincus has a calm and laid back demeanor that honestly had me worried until I asked him during a recess what he was doing. He was able to explain his plan to me and what he was attempting to accomplish. At the end of every criminal case, when all was said and done, every judge’s decision was an almost exact replica of what Mr. Pincus told me he was planning.
Both Ms. Goodman and Mr. Pincus have gone above and beyond with their care of me and my cases. They have litigated my divorce, multiple protective orders against my ex, and my criminal charges and I haven’t “lost” one case yet. They have worked with my military command and kept them informed with letters and emails to my supervisors. They have even kept my family informed while I was locked up. I can’t ever describe the immense debt and gratitude I have for this law firm. They kept me out of jail, sane, and employed during one of the most trying situations of my life. They have my highest recommendation and have even represented two friends of mine who have similar positive experiences with the lawfirm.

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